We are Managed IT Service specialists. Our mission is to provide quality IT solutions to businesses, in line with our core values of Honesty, Reliability and Communication.

Our Values

  • Honesty

    • We appreciate that investing in IT requires trust and it is therefore paramount to us that we deliver IT with honesty. We believe in getting to know your business and understanding your requirements before making informed suggestions on solutions and we never hard sell.
  • Reliability

    • We have a long proven track record in looking after and developing customers IT systems and know that one of the keys to ongoing relationships with clients is providing a reliable service. We continue to invest in our team who are available and always willing to assist with your needs through helpdesk support to project delivery.
  • Communication

    • We pride ourselves in the fact that the company IS our people and without them, none of what we do is possible. We seek individuals who are able to communicate well and embrace our customer service focus, this helps with our team dynamic and in delivering service the way we want. Whilst we love to develop technical skills, communication is always key – without this we cannot deliver Managed IT Services the rm way.

Our Culture

  • We work hard

  • We take care of our team

  • We care A LOT

We have developed a culture at rm to try and bring the best out of ourselves in order that we have a place to work that is enjoyable, that way we don’t mind putting in the hard yards when required.

We provide all staff with a gym membership using the local Active Life scheme to encourage a healthy lifestyle and encourage staff to bounce ideas, problems and concerns around the team whenever required.

Our Story

The “RM” comes from Roderick Mcleod, the founding member of RM, who back in the 80s originally developed and supported bespoke software before growing the business into a multi-disciplined IT support firm.

In 2001 the company became “RM Computing (Orkney) Limited” and this saw the introduction of several new partners in the business, including none other than our current Technical Director, Duncan Hopkins. RM took on support of a number of Orkney businesses over the following years and built a long-lasting reputation.

In 2014 Rob Gray joined RM as a partner, going on to become our Managing Director and helping the company bring in new business ideas and services, helping shape the future of RM.

Since 2016 our team has continued to grow with the addition of many long-standing permanent staff. We have been able to bring in a range of experienced recruits (hello Graeme) as well as nurturing local talent with strong connections to local education at school, college and university level.

In 2023 we decided on a re-brand and became “rm Managed IT Services” in our day-to- day operation. We retain our heritage with “rm” and aim to promote the business and services we offer with the new style.

You can find out more about each of us in our staff profiles below.

Our Team

  • Duncan Hopkins

    Technical Director

    Joined rm: 2001

    Role: Technical Director

    Specialist Subject: Network Infrastructure

    Food: Steak Pie

    Drink: Hendrick’s Gin

    Film: The Matrix

    Music: Dire Straits

    Sport / Hobby: Family/Motorcycles

  • Rob Gray

    Managing Director

    Joined rm: 2014

    Role: Managing Director

    Specialist Subject: Account Management

    Food: Chinese

    Drink: Flat White

    Film: Star Wars:Episode IV – A New Hope

    Music: Bruce Springsteen/Tom Petty

    Sport / Hobby: Football

  • Graeme Scollay

    Operations Manager

    Joined rm: 2017

    Role: Operations Manager

    Specialist Subject: Customer service

    Food: Indian

    Drink: Lagavulin 16 y/o

    Film: LOTR: Return of the King

    Music: Alternative/Indie

    Sport / Hobby: Gym/Running

  • David Foulis

    Senior IT Support Technician

    Joined rm: 2016

    Role: Senior IT Support Technician

    Specialist Subject: Support/Printers/Phones

    Food: Tex-Mex

    Drink: Peach Tea

    Film: Jurassic Park

    Music: Dance

    Sport / Hobby: Cycling

  • James Kirkness

    Senior IT Support Technician

    Joined rm: 2019

    Role: Senior IT Support Technician

    Specialist Subject: IT Project Delivery

    Food: Chicken and/or rice

    Drink: Raspberry Coke

    Film: Jurassic Park

    Music: Metalcore

    Sport / Hobby: Bodybuilding

  • Joel Lewsley

    Compliance Technician

    Joined rm: 2018

    Role: Compliance Technician

    Specialist Subject: Cyber Security

    Food: Indian

    Drink: Jack Daniels & Coke

    Film: Last Night in Soho

    Music: Pop Punk

    Sport / Hobby: Gaming

  • Andrew Currie

    IT Support Technician

    Joined rm: 2022

    Role: IT Support Technician

    Specialist Subject: Desktop Support/Printers

    Food: Carvery

    Drink: Monster: Ultra Paradise

    Film: Into the Wild

    Music: Anything from 70s to 90s

    Sport / Hobby: MMA, Weightlifting, Triathlon

  • Scott Stewart

    IT Support Technician

    Joined rm: 2021

    Role: IT Support Technician

    Specialist Subject: Hardware Repair

    Food: Chocolate

    Drink: Fanta

    Film: Tron Legacy

    Music: Indie

    Sport / Hobby: Gym/Bouldering

  • Kyle Leask

    IT Support Technician

    Joined rm: 2023

    Role: IT Support Technician

    Specialist Subject: User Support

    Food: Garlic Bread

    Drink: Kraken & Coke

    Film: Pan Man

    Music: Rock/Indie

    Sport / Hobby: Squash/Gaming

  • Julie Hopkins


    Joined rm: 2001

    Role: Director

    Specialist Subject: Finance/Admin

    Food: Steak & Chips

    Drink: Tea/Pinot Grigio

    Film: N/A

    Music: N/A

    Sport / Hobby: Football

  • Nikki Gray

    Finance Administrator

    Joined rm: 2022

    Role: Finance Administrator

    Specialist Subject: Finance

    Food: Chocolate

    Drink: Vodka Lemonade

    Film: 4 Weddings & A Funeral

    Music: Early Coldplay

    Sport / Hobby: Walking/Swimming