Crossroads Care Orkney

We engaged with RM in 2022 to carry out a review of our existing IT setup and provide us with recommendations for streamlining our setup and generally improving how we use our systems.

We’d had IT systems installed by a variety of different organisations and had found that our setup was fragmented and hard to manage, especially as a small charity who do not have in-house IT expertise. RM carried out an assessment of our situation and were able to explain to us in clear terms what how our IT systems were setup and how they could be improved upon. We engaged with RM to carry out an overhaul of our systems which included consolidating most of our setup into the Microsoft 365 platform, making use of the charitable licensing on the Business Premium plan which RM provide us with.

We are delighted to have been able to engage with a Microsoft Partner who have a good understanding of the cloud solutions available and how these can be utilised for a small organisation to ensure a secure and easy to use system. Following the upgrade project, we setup a Managed Service Agreement with RM so that we have support in place and regularly scheduled checks of our systems. We have been delighted with RM’s approach to delivering IT services and look forward to working with them going forward, their help has been invaluable to us!

Arlene Montgomery
Registered Manager
Crossroads Care Orkney